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This is a library I made for interacting with our school's homework / timetable system, INSIGHT, I believe this is the second or third iteration of the software. I was motivated to rewrite it since I needed a way to interact with it again for use with the buzzer bot.

Background (from README)

  • This was initially started because Insight looks like utter garbage, and I can say for certain most of the developers at TASC really threw Insight together on their first try and didn't even bother with it.
  • The version of Insight in production, more specifically the one my school is running:
    • has unminified code hosted on their servers
    • has inline css and js in pretty much all pages
    • uses ASP.NET
    • looks plain ugly, no effort was made to make any of it look good (uses bootstrap too)
      • this would be fine for a developer site, but this is user facing
    • takes forever to load most pages, see test results
    • sends HTML code inside of a JSON object to display on timetable
    • has inconsistent dates everywhere, i.e. 5|6|2000 for fetching timetable week