If you want to support the open source work I do then feel free to donate through any of the following: 


Most of my donations come in through Ko-fi where you can also leave a public message but I can also accept directly through PayPal here.

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Note: If you're donating to a specific project, be sure to let me know.


If you would like to send me crypto, you can:

  • Ask me for a crypto address personally (I prefer not to mess with custom chains and tether coins).
  • Send Monero (XMR): 49hAcwt6jTU9gqXWETiQNveQUmwQdF5DeGRNWa8xJwDpDGwYip8zHCoTUvfJM8us5f9M2phe3HHm823SRazyetBkVabvC91