Install Exagear In 2020 (Raspberry Pi)

Eltechs may be gone, but you can still use Exagear. ·

Exagear is gone and so is Eltechs, suprisingly enough their activation server seems to be still working (?), although my supposed "multi-device license" only worked on my Pi and not someone's else, keeping in mind that this was a fresh installation of Raspbian I can only assume their activation server is online and that I was sold something else than stated.

When I first bought Exagear, I went for the enterprise version for the RPi 3 (costing £32!), so I don't feel bad at all sharing anything below as my license does not work anymore or I was actually sold the wrong license. And the company is gone anyways...

Downloading Exagear

I currently mirror old copies of Exagear from which you can find the version you need.

You can find all the packages here.

Choose an Exagear package:

Choose a dsound package:

Choose a guest image:

Installing Exagear

Before going forwards, we need to install prerequisites.

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y bash coreutils findutils curl binfmt-support cron

Make sure to uninstall any old versions of Exagear (this will wipe your images).

sudo apt-get remove exagear

Create a new directory and enter it:

mkdir ~/exagear
cd ~/exagear

Download the packages to this folder using wget, i.e. wget

Hence, install all the packages:

sudo dpkg -i exagear*3428*.deb
sudo dpkg -i exagear-dsound*.deb
sudo dpkg -i exagear-guest*.deb

Patching Exagear

This method was provided by toasteh on the pyra-handheld forums.

To quickly patch your current installation, run:

curl | sudo bash

Or alternatively, view the script here.

Final Notes

Once installed you can run exagear and you're done! Run arch if you don't believe me.

Be sure to update your new environment:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y

Lastly, if you had any issues don't hesistate to leave me a message.

Thanks for reading.

Further Ideas

Now that you have your new x86 environment, you could:

  • Play some old game titles on your Pi.
  • Run a CS 1.6 server from your Pi.
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